A varied international palette of dishes and cocktails, a cozy interior and friendly staff will brighten up your holiday and give it a special pleasant taste.



«Monteverde Lab» is a cozy delicious and cheap cafe. An Italian pizzeria with a wood-burning dome oven, piquant Mexican cuisine, Japanese sushi and rolls harmoniously unite and weave under the roof of a surprisingly atmospheric cafe. Wide range of author's cocktails, a rich tea card and fragrant coffee amazes your impression. Delicate pizza, cooked in the best traditions of Italian cuisine, and mouth-watering burgers allows nobody to stay indifferent. Sweet tooth will be pleasantly surprised with a plentitude of the ice cream and cakes. «Monteverde Lab»’s comfortable environment is going to plunge you into the lab atmosphere, where bartenders own the right formulas for making various cocktails. This café is ideal for friendly meetings, rendezvous and family vacations. Here you can always have fun celebrating children's holidays and family parties.

The "Monteverde Lab" café will be placed with a summer terrace for 80 seats on the first floor to the left of entertainment center. 

Two zones of “Monteverde Palm” food court with wet and dry rooms as well as “Monteverde Family” restaurant for 200 people well be located on the second floor.  

"Ball room" – a large banquet hall, designed for 250 seats, will lead off its doors. The banquet hall is a perfect fit for celebrating weddings, anniversaries, lunches, receptions, coffee breaks and conferences.

«Monteverde Palm» - is a food court in the wet and dry zone of the water park with our signature hamburgers, wings, pizza and oxygen cocktails.

«Monteverde Family» - is a family restaurant with a pleased entertainment room for kids for having fun with animators while adults are enjoying the kitchen and relax. The main restaurant feature is that the fish for cooking is taken from a specially equipped aquarium! Beyond all doubts, you will be surprised by the special steaks and a wide range of wine.