We are pleased to introduce you the first Oceanarium in Kazakhstan.  It is the only remote Oceanarium in the world with more than 3000 kilometers away from the ocean, like “A DROP OF THE OCEAN IN THE MIDST OF THE PRAIRIE”!



The first in Kazakhstan, and the only one in the world, entered in the Guinness Book of Records, as the most remote Oceanarium from the seas and oceans (more than 3000 kilometers).

The capacity of the Oceanarium is 3 million liters of water, with almost 3,000 marine inhabitants, representing more than 100 species of marine fauna from various parts of the earth. The freshwater inhabitants of South America and South East Asia, of the coastal area of deep water and coral reefs are represented in various zones.

The Oceanarium consists of three vast exhibition areas with 20 aquariums of various sizes. The main attraction of the Oceanarium is a large aquarium, on the bottom of which, a 70-meter transparent tunnel made acrylic glass is located. The acrylic glass is 7cm thick.

Due to the various forms of aquariums, it is possible to observe fish life in an approximate way to the natural habitat and follow the process of predatory fish feeding.

The Oceanarium life activity is supported by a unique system for preparation, maintenance and purification of water. The Oceanarium water prepared with a red sea salt is regularly cleaned in a closed cycle system and does not require draining.

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Dwellers of oceanarium