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Hurray! No need to stand in line! Buy tickets to the Oceanarium, exotarium, review circle and “Jungle” in the Ailand application. Download the Ailand app, buy tickets, go to any destination (except the water park). For registration, you will immediately receive bonuses, which can be spent on the purchase of tickets. Very easy! Very convenient! All tickets are on your phone. Attention! Bonuses expire after 30 days. The money in the application is kept for any period until you spend it on tickets. Hurray! What do you want to do?” Buy tickets to Ailand in the Oceanarium, in the exotarium, in the coleslaw and in the “Jungle”. Just download Ailand, buy tickets and go to a good direction (Krome water park). For registration, you will receive a bonus, which you can apply for tickets. “I don’t know,” he said. Very simple! Very nice! All tickets are on the phone. Tickets can be used.

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