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A great place to relax with your family or friends. The attention of citizens and tourists is attracted by the objects that are unique and exclusive in Kazakhstan.

Here you can find entertainment for every taste. If you like to watch sea creatures, go to the famous Oceanarium of the center. If you want to see the city from the height of the highest Ferris wheel in the country, welcome. In addition, in the complex there are cafes and restaurants of various cuisines, shopping facilities, theater “Jungle”, Exotarium and much more.


The record-breaking oceanarium is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the farthest from the ocean. About 3,000 miles! Nevertheless, there are plenty of ocean creatures in it, here you will find different species of sharks and more than a hundred varieties of marine and freshwater hydrobionts.

To create a comfortable environment for more than two thousand individuals it was equipped the main tank and 2 additional compartments with a total capacity of 3 million liters of water, with dissolved in them 120 tons of sea salt. The aquarium is 70 m long tunnel that gives the sensation of walking along the sea floor.

The only indoor aquapark in Astana is also located on the territory of the center. Its area is more than 8.5 thousand square meters, designed for 1.5 thousand people. The perimeter of the first floor is surrounded by a "lazy" river with a very slow flow, it is ideal for those who want to relax and swim quietly. On the second floor you can steam in Russian bathhouse, Finnish or Turkish sauna, as well as take recreational SPA procedures.

For thrill-seekers there are 7 different slides, as well as a pool imitating strong sea waves. The safety of vacationers is monitored by lifeguards. For small children there is a separate zone and a stage, on which the audience is entertained by animators. Before visiting the aquapark, you need to download and fill out the " Receipt with the rules".

Before visiting the water park, you need to download and fill out the “Receipt with the rules”

Download receipt

In the family entertainment center Ailand you can find the most fantastic project. The exciting atmosphere of ancient worlds has recreated here by animatronics, which amazes both children and adults.

Ferris wheel

The Ferris wheel in family entertainment center Ailand is the highest like-for-like design in central Asia. Visitors are expected 36 comfortable and spacious cabins, which rise to 65 meters of height and 12 minutes of view of the entire capital of Kazakhstan.

All safety measures are strictly observed here, the wheel is monitored by qualified rescuers and technical inspections are often carried out. In winter the cabins are heated and in summer air conditioners work here.

    Океанариум - Взрослый
    7 X 4 000  = 28 000 
    Колесо обозрения - Стандарт 2 круга
    7 X 5 000  = 35 000 
    Пакет 3 в 1 Взрослый
    8 X 9 100  = 72 800 
    Колесо обозрения - Комфорт 1 круг
    71 X 4 000  = 284 000 
    Пакет 3 в 1 Детский
    7 X 8 600  = 60 200 
    Океанариум - Детский
    4 X 3 500  = 14 000 
    Колесо обозрения - Стандарт 1 круг
    5 X 3 200  = 16 000 
    Колесо обозрения - Комфорт 2 круга
    7 X 4 500  = 31 500 
    3 X 1 800  = 5 400 
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