Our theater is back! Again we are looking forward to spectators to our interactive performances.

Theater in “Ailand” is not like just a theater:


There is no stage, so each spectator is also a participant in a story that is told and performed by professional actors;



There is no reservation of a specific seat for the audience, you can choose yourself a bench seat or a upholstered bag chair;


Each performance has dancing, songs, interactive inclusions with the audience!


This is a new format of performances in Astana! We have been preparing for a long time. And now the theater has opened its doors for you! We have the most modern equipment:

– Light show,

– Special effects,

– Author’s scenery from Kazakhstan artists,

– Sound as in the best cinemas of the world!



Stunningly spectacular performances will leave vivid memories for children and adults alike. Each performance is interactive and the audience participates in the story.


    Колесо обозрения - Стандарт 2 круга
    7 X 5 000  = 35 000 
    Колесо обозрения - Комфорт 1 круг
    71 X 4 000  = 284 000 
    Пакет 3 в 1 Детский
    7 X 8 600  = 60 200 
    Океанариум - Взрослый
    1 X 4 000  = 4 000 
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