One of the most grandiose projects in Kazakhstan, which created jungle atmosphere. Stories of Hollywood fantasists about lost worlds became available in the walls of the «Ailand» center.


The mysterious world of the jungle captivates and fascinates from the first moments. Guides lead entertaining, intriguing and informative journeys into the bowels of previously unknown world with its mysterious inhabitants, sharing stories that will take you in fantasies to distant ages.


Dinosaurs, triceraptors, tyrannosaurs, ancient tribes – the whole environment is imbued with exciting and intriguing air. Plunging into which, you forget about everyday life and believe that this reality is real. The theater of animatronics amazes not only children, but also adults. Having come here once, you want to repeat the exciting journey many more times!

Interesting fact: all animatronics were produced in Kazakhstan.


    Колесо обозрения - Стандарт 2 круга
    7 X 5 000  = 35 000 
    Колесо обозрения - Комфорт 1 круг
    71 X 4 000  = 284 000 
    Пакет 3 в 1 Детский
    7 X 8 600  = 60 200 
    Океанариум - Взрослый
    1 X 4 000  = 4 000 
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