Ferris wheel

The largest Ferris wheel in Kazakhstan immediately became a new attraction of Astana. It has always been interesting to look at the earth from a bird’s-eye view. Many people dream to look at the capital from above, because Astana is modern, beautiful and new city striking with its idea and scope. The view from above gives new impressions, inspires and falls in love.


The height of the wheel is 65 meters and its weight is 270 tons.

The attraction is equipped with 36 cabins with panoramic view, four of which are of high comfort. The capacity of “Standard” class cabins is six people, “Comfort” cabins – four people.


The design is specially developed for climatic conditions of Astana, the same wheels, for example, stand in tornado zones. A technical survey was conducted, the attraction complies with the norms and GOST of the CIS countries. The cabins are equipped with air conditioning and heating systems, which will allow people to ride comfortably at any time of the year.

In the cold period the Ferris wheel works up to -15 degrees, in summer up to + 32 degrees. Ferris wheel is stopped according to safety rules in case of wind more than 14 meters per second, in rain and thunderstorms.

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